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  • Image of WRITER - Principle Web LP (SPR020)
  • Image of WRITER - Principle Web LP (SPR020)
  • Image of WRITER - Principle Web LP (SPR020)

WRITER - Principle Web LP (SPR020)


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This item is a preorder and will ship on or around its April 8th release

We are ecstatic to bring you our 20th release, the second LP from Brooklyn's WRITER. This LP comes in a first pressing of 500: 200 of which have been pressed on heavy weight white vinyl. Each LP jacket has been specially stamped with some hot-ass gold flake paint and is sure to induce "artist envy".

WRITER's James and Andy Ralph share a tattoo—the words "Brothers Ralph" surrounding an anchor, like two sailors navigating the same sea—and their brotherhood lays the foundation for their particular sound. Andy's voice cascades and careens around and across James' almost impossibly hard floor tom hits, and when the two join together to shout a chorus or an important lyric, they pull at their shared roots until nothing but clouds of digital dust linger in the air.

Based in Brooklyn NY, WRITER has taken the Ralphs all over the country and they've gone on tour with bands like Os Mutantes, Cults, Margot & the Nuclear So & So's, Tape Deck Mountain, Heartless Bastards and Guards. And while their early work brought forth visions of mermaids, highways and pretty Californian girls, their sound has developed a layer of dirt so thick you can feel it. Months of touring, taking risks on different rooms and varied sound guys, playing alongside experimental noise bands has given WRITER a newfound confidence but also a newfound freedom, making their performances as exuberant in a brand new, giant venue as it is in a brownstone basement.

The pair released their debut record "Brotherface" on UK Label 3 Syllables in 2012. "Brotherface" is a fuzz laden, seismic registering, teeth gritting, fist clenching 10 song record. Brooklyn Vegan announced it's release as a record "loaded with dense, gritty, anthemic songs".

Less than a year later the brothers composed a 7in follow up titled "I Make Neon" released by Brooklyn Label Nineteen98. The 2 songs found on "I Make Neon" come crashing in with fuzzy feedback to push the meters into a tick-tocking frenzy and were recorded with the help of New York based ex-White Zombie member Paul Kostabi at his studio in Upstate NY.

Recently the Brother’s have reunited with childhood compadre and multi-instrumentalist-shredder, Joshua Greco. Together they recorded their sophomore album “Principle Web,” a neo-grunge series of interlacing song-stories. “Principle Web” will be released by Small Plates Records on April 8, 2016.







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