Image of TV Girl - Girls Like Me 7" (SPR005)
  • Image of TV Girl - Girls Like Me 7" (SPR005)

TV Girl - Girls Like Me 7" (SPR005)

by TV Girl

$6.99 / Sold Out

We are absolutely stoked to announce the release of TV Girl's "Girls Like Me" 7", the first physical release from these stellar Californians. Limited to 500 copies, 150 of which come on hella yellow wax, these two songs are sure to be your autumn 2011 anthems- pure pop perfection.

"Girls Like Me" graces the A-side, while "Sarah (Meet Me In The Sauna)" adorns the B.

“…champagne-sparkling drums and far-away piano drops… bring to mind Jens Lekman…” – Pitchfork

“…shimmering, lo-fi dream pop with a slightly racy undercurrent.”- The Guardian

“On TV Girl’s new EP there’s a …feeling of sugary sweet nostalgia and more modern backbeat production”- Stereogum