Image of Francisco The Man - In The Corners 7" (SPR015)

Francisco The Man - In The Corners 7" (SPR015)

by Francisco The Man

$5.00 / On Sale

3 brand new tracks of sun-burned, acid-fried rock chaos from one of LA's best up and comers.

500 copies available on Coke Bottle Green vinyl.

Side A: In The Corners

Side B: 929 // Taking Punches


"[Taking Punches] reminds us of My Bloody Valentine...but they take the Loveless aesthetic and filter it through their own experience, giving it new life and fresh relevance." - Pretty Much Amazing

"[In The Corners] reads like dynamic and catchy raucousness, and is satisfying on a whole bunch of levels..." - The Music Ninja

"[Francisco The Man] effectively mesh static, reverbed instrumentation with sun-kissed, beach rock guitar riffs to create hazy, laid back, and infectious tunes." - Prefix

"Broken Arrows begins as innocent, pastoral indie only to erupt into an awesomely caterwauling, Doug Martsch- styled guitar assault. As misdirections go, they rarely come more jolting or effective." - NME

Available for wholesale via Burnside Distribution or from Small Plates directly.